Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Friend

Of what value is a good friend? Can we ever truly measure?

I have found (as you may have also) that homeschooling can take so much time that I don't have (hmmm... or should I say 'make' in order to take due responsibility) enough time to connect with other homeschooling moms, to develop and cultivate relationships that support the path that God has put me on, keep me spiritually nourished, as well as enable me to encourage and be of use to other women on this path.

This is why I am so pleased that God has placed another wonderful family in our lives! Today we had over a mom and 3 of her 4 homeschooled kids, whom my dear mil recently introduced to us. I met her a few months ago at her home and drooled over her spacious and organized lesson room while Jefferson played outside with her kids. I noticed right away how gentle her nature was and how kind her children were. She is interested in the same type of nutrition as I am, has 3 kids of similar age as mine, uses Sonlight curriculum. She and her dh manage a campground facility and have done great things there in the short time they've had the job.

Today we got to know each other better amid (amazingly!) 7 kids. Hers were so well behaved that I prayed silently that our little bolt of lighting (Reagan) wouldn't let loose one of her lovely tantrums. But then I realized that she wasn't the type to judge anyway - phew. Jefferson was at ease and acting like himself (he's usually quieter with new people), Reagan dove right into the mix, and I was surprised that 2.5 yo Adam warmed up so quickly too. Of course, kids know when someone is a "kid-loving" kind of person (aka "genuine") and he loved it that their mom got right down to play with him. I just love people who are able to love other people's children! Their visit was lovely but when it was time for them to go, their mom said, "Children -it's time to go." And guess what they said (practically in unison!)? "Okay!" In my mind, my jaw dropped. But with their good behavior, I guess I wasn't really that surprised.

What a blessing that God places people like this in our lives, huh? I am so glad to meet someone with whom I can feel comfortable and share my journey as a mom and teacher as well as to find kids that my own kids enjoy so much. I am so glad that God provides friends!


Sharon said...

What a precious find. I am very thankful for my friend K who was brave enough to contact me by email when she saw an email I wrote on a homeschool yahoo group. We live in almost neighbouring suburbs and between us have nine children, with very similar ages. Although our homeschooling styles are very different, and she's Catholic while I'm Protestant, our "play dates" are always inspiring and encouraging for me because she helps me to see the other side of the coin. She has helped me to see that it is possible to relax a bit, while still getting on with it all.

I went to her 30th birthday party on the weekend and reflected upon how much I would have missed out on without this friendship. It's only a bonus that our kids like to be together!

~ Sharon

Ruth said...

Oh, that's truly wonderful. It's so great to have like-minded friends to travel through life with! happy for you :-)

Ruth xx

Luke said...

Friends are so important, and this one sounds like a keeper [smile]. May you encourage one another and help each other on this road.


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

That is truly a blessing. I'm glad the Lord sent her to you as a friend for such a time as this.