Monday, October 20, 2008

Never enough time, huh?

Lincoln's first birthday party is at the end of this week - party prep ALWAYS makes me crazy (just ask anyone in the house - they'll tell you I stop talking and start barkin' a few days prior). Add to that that I'm trying to stuff 4 days of lessons into 3 (Reagan's in a Tues. class for 6 more weeks), we're having out of town guests in a few weeks, and the weather is fabulous (calling me to outdoor chores), and we've got a recipe for crazy busy around here.

By 9pm I just don't feel like sitting down to blog/surf/shop/research curriculum. We are in our 2nd week of our 2nd term ad I still haven't finished my Term 1 progress post (for my sake - none too interesting for anyone else). Thankfully, lessons are going well.


Right now I'm breaking my own rule about sitting at the computer before lessons are finished for the day. Lessons, dishes, dinner prep, window washing, laundry are call calling....

So another time for this....


Monica said...

Now if there was ever a true statement, you just said it. I pray that you have time to accomplish all you need. But more than that I pray that you enjoy these days with your family. Blessings.

Sharon said...

Aah, so that's how you do it. You keep yourself away from the computer until *after* the school is done. Good advice!

I've just sent the kids off to Quiet Time, as they have now officially finished for the day as well!

I hope you have fun outdoors. Is it Autumn there now? Warmer days must be getting scarce? We're breaking into summer and yesterday was 34 degrees (93.2 farenheit) and today can't be much cooler. It sure dries washing quickly but it's not much fun to stand out in the heat hanging it out.


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Sounds like a busy season at your house. Happy Birthday to the little guy! It seems many of my blogging friends are in the same place. Trying to figure out where it can fit into the picture and be a fun outlet without sucking up too much time. I'm there, too. It's all good, girlfriend!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I hear you girl! I have started limiting the time on here and find that the time is filled with household a good way!

I miss catching up with everyone, but my own family is truly benefitting, so I do that that this is a season of cutting back for me. Who knows what the next season will bring?

Have a great week. Keep focused and enjoy this season of life!