Saturday, June 12, 2010

3rd Grade at Plymouth MA

Although I haven't had time to finish this post until now (5 months later!), it is important for Jefferson to have a record of it so I post it late anyway....

Every year at D. C. Academy, Mrs. Third Grade Teacher takes her 3rd grade class on a four-day trip to Plymouth, MA to culminate their studies on the history of the pilgrims. This year I got to go with Jefferson and it was so well worth it! This trip was truly, truly wonderful and so much more vauable than any field trip I've ever taken. [Jefferson still raves about it!]

Having been taught the history of the pilgrims in public school, I got a much watered down and biased version of their purpose and their ordeal.  This trip was a delightful learning experience for me and a majorly memorable trip for Jefferson.  He was so excited that he could hardly stand it! And since God is the Author of all history (whether you believe it or not), it was a huge blessing to walk and learn from Mrs. Third Grade Teacher, who's studied these most important founding people from the best sources - themselves and their writings! Her passion is to work to see that the truth of our nation's beginnings is not lost in the mire of political correctness or modern rewriting based on popular opinion.  Sorry folks, but God cannot be taken out of this story, for His hand is clearly shown in His providence towards these Spirit-led people in a time of heavy religious oppression and difficult economic times (for such a group)!

We took a million photos and got very little sleep (I cannot help but be up at the crack of dawn and by 10pm was sooooo very exhausted) and walked a lot to get as much covered as we could.  Jefferson loved staying in a hotel, swimming (if that's what you can call a Polar Bear Plunge - lol!) in the ocean for his 1st time, staying up late, being with his friends, and trying to get himself gored by a steer.  He will likely never forget the meaning of the word 'economy' since his student group got stuck with was assigned that topic for their trip presentation.  He even found out that he loves the freedom of journaling.  He will NEVER forget this trip!

Looking forward to getting to MA & loving the busride
Journaling in his notebook
The Mayflower II - amazing working ship with period actors onboard

No slackers here - we learned at every stop!
Our country's oldest mill - beautiful & quite interesting!

He survived the 'Polar Bear Plunge' in the bay at the hotel!
The Forefather's Monument - I cried (really!) when the class recited the Mayflower Compact!
Portraying Samuel Fuller at Plimoth Plantation - he was great!
Main Street up to the fort at Plimoth Plantation (replica of original)

Journaling in "William Bradford's" backyard - beautiful!

The inside of a pilgrim's house - very small!

My little pilgrim boy!

And let's not forget the best part of the trip - the pillow fight at the Plantation sleepover (I think the girls won)!

Another excellent actor at the Plantation and another teary moment for me as the children sang the 100th Psalm for him!
The steer that tried to gore J's arm! (And me who must be subconscious of the 4-week pregnant belly -lol!)

With Mrs. Third Grade Teacher - the awesome organizer of the trip!

Overall, we were exhausted by the end of this trip. It was non-stop and late night for us but so much to see and!  I was proud of  my oldest boy and his motivation to journal and learn and get to know his history better. I am so glad that Jefferson will never forget his 3rd grade teacher or this special trip to Plymouth!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Forgot to post our Easter family photo this year!
Most of them went like this:

But we finally got one with everyone smiling - no easy task anymore:

Worth the effort though, cuz I think they're just adorable when they aren't screamin' & fussing - lol!