Thursday, January 1, 2009

Silence is bliss!

I am not the kind of woman who does well with noise and chaos. I am almost sure that God gave me four children to teach me to deal with just that! LOL! But even though I am slowly getting used to constant talking, singing, falling, screaming, dancing, losing things, etc, I do still need a moment or two of quiet.

So dh offered to share his fabulous office with me for a couple days so that I could work in peace on my lesson/schedule planning for the next 2 terms of school. His office is a spacious room that his company rents from the upstairs resident. It is well lit, stocked to the max with great coffee and has a great laser printer/copier!

But most of all.... it's QUIET.

I feel like I can relax, gain momentum, and actually complete a thought! So far I've gotten Jefferson's math, FLL, spelling/phonics, cursive planned with only SOTW2, science, and Explorer's Bible to go. I also want to get his memory work log set up in a more useful way for these school terms as well as improving his use of his reading log (we're terrible at remembering to log what he's read). I am updating the Homeschool Tracker (and VOWING to be totally consistent in printing our weekly assignments) and photocopying anything that I'll need for lessons, in advance. And although Reagan's kindergarten work doesn't really need lesson plans or assignment lists, I'm going to print something out that give her a sense of responsibility as well as accomplishment.

So - no more blogging. My Christmas post (and photos) will have to wait. I've got to soak in this blessed silence and keep plugging through the planning that will save my sanity in future weeks.