Monday, June 2, 2008

More about this Mom24

(Me - age 5 1/2)

I am - happy in the Lord, a wife, a mother of 4, a sister, friendly, shy.

I want - to become more like Christ each day; my children to know the Lord as their Savior too!

I have - an awesome family! But I also have an old clarinet, a strange collection of stuffed animals (all pigs), and too many useless college textbooks in the basement (anyone need a text on 'Reinforced Concrete Design'?).

I wish - I could be consistent in my quiet time and in my parenting. I wish that I could hug my kids all day long!

I hate - not getting enough sleep - it ruins the next day for everyone in the family.

I miss - my brother (and family in Phoenix - oh if they could live next door!), my sister (in VA), my bil and sil (in VA), and my church family from CBC (Phoenixville, PA).

I fear - being the center of attention/performing in front of people (I once actually hid in the bathroom at a state music audition in high school!). I also fear that someone will find out that I'm not that smart, so I often refrain from debate or conflict.

I feel - very deeply and tumultuously and am often called moody (I find this to be a character flaw and would rather be more even-keeled).

I hear - the emotion in people's words. I am empathetic and want to fix/help them.

I smell - BREAD baking across the street at the Pepperidge Farm factory. It really does NOT help my cravings!

I crave - bread (thank you Pepperidge Farm!) and cookies (too dip in milk) - story of my life! Also coffee - I just love it!

I search - for better ways to teach and reach my kids. Some days I feel like it's all I think about and I live on the web searching.... I would probably do better to pray a bit more!

I wonder - how God can love me so very, very much! It amazes me...

I love - God, the Word, my dh (he's the very best hubby!), my children (so beautiful), my friends (so valuable). These are the most important things to me!

I dance - to Miss Patty Cake (oh, how many times will we watch these videos?) - but only because there's nothin' more cute than 3 kid bums 'dancing'!

I sing - praise music. I LOVE traditional hymns too because they are often so full of powerful truth and they also remind me of my childhood. "It Is Well" is my most favorite. I also sing 'nite-nite' songs - these have the added benefit of a warm child's body nestled close to mine....

I cry - when my dh yells at me because it is so rare that it shocks me into crying. I usually deserve it though, when I have pushed him too far or startled him (I can be very loud - yeah, I can hear those who know me rolling eyes about this).

I don't always - get as much accomplished as I want to or treat my family as I should.

I wish I had - more time so that each child could get more of it. I could also use a few more board games - can never have too many of those!

I write - when I have too - it is not a skill of mine. I do not write poetry.

I never - do risky things (like parachuting) or athletic things (I'm not that coordinated!)

I listen - to Sarah Groves, Third Day, Cold Play, Mozart, Vivaldi. Also I listen to whiney children (part of my job description ya' know).

I wish I could - play the piano well enough to gather the family around for worship; use a camera as an artistic medium; eat cookies and milk (*sigh*)

I need - more time with the Lord and my family. Oh... and some more coffee...

I found this meme over at Pennless Writer and thought it was a good way for you all to get to know me a bit more. If any of you decide to do this meme please drop me a comment and let me know so I can come and get to know more about you!


sbharnish said...

HOLY COW you look like little Rae! You have always thought she was more Calkins....I think not!

Monica said...

I loved learning more about you! I too am a huge Sarah Groves and Third Day fan. That is my cleaning music turned up to the lowest volume! I too, also cry when my husband even looks like he wants to raise his voice at me. It is a rarity, but I just love him so much I hate to be displeasing.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed reading this and "meeting" you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I enjoyed learning a bit more about you. I miss our Miss Patty Cake broke.