Thursday, June 5, 2008

I just LOVE spring!

Dh was mowing this week when a flurry of baby bunnies went running forth in front of him. Apparently our grass was long enough that the momma rabbit felt it to be an appropriate place to build a nest! We found 2 babies sitting still in the grass and thought they wouldn't be safe to leave there (no - we didn't let the kids see the one that got 'eaten' my the lawn mower!).

So I picked one up to let the kids see it before I put it someplace safer. It was calm for a bit and then freaked and started screaming (literally) for its momma. Sure enough she shows up from next door to rescue her babe. In the mean time, the kids got to see these beautiful, and intricately delicate little creatures!


Mrs. Edwards said...

Cute bunnies!
I also enjoyed the meme post about who you are. You sound like a good friend to have...

-Mrs. Edwards