Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jefferson's First Story!

Dinosaur Destruction
by Jefferson (age 6 1/2)

One morning I woke up and discovered I had turned into a dinosaur. I was too big to fit in the house so I made a hole in the roof. I was too heavy so I smashed the whole house! I went to look for something to eat for breakfast I found a yummy hamburger and I ate it. Then I went to look for somewhere to live and I found a place where other dinosaurs lived. I decided to live there too!
It's surprising that although they have such a great imagination at this age, it needs to be developed. It was actually quite hard for him to think this story through. But he had so much fun doing it that he wanted to write another one right away! I told him we would do more practice and that 2nd grade would be even more fun!


Sharon said...


This is wonderful and I love J's illustration and title!

Joshua would like to write "hi" to Jefferson but he says he can't because Jefferson won't understand because now he's a dinosaur. How are you all going coping with that hole in the roof of your house?

~ Sharon

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the picture. It is so great that you encourage him to do some story writing, even if it is tough right now.