Monday, May 19, 2008

...the mouths of babes!

The kids have had much to say around here but it's been a while since I wrote a bit of it down!

Jefferson (6.5): "Mommy, somtimes I hear you say 'multitasking.' What's that mean?"

('s just short for 'being a MOM!')

Me: "I love Daddy, don't you?"
Reagan (5): "Then why don't you not yell at him?"

(Hmmmm... very, very, very good question. I don't do that which I should and do the things I shouldn't, huh? All eyes are on Mommy at all times...)

Me or Daddy: "Adam! What does kitty say?"
Adam (2.5): "Voof,voof!" (with a sly little grin and giggle)
(He's not yet talking much at all and so we've been working on animals sounds. This has become his favorite joke and he's always so pleased to give us the wrong sound for the kitty!)

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Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

That's so funny. Yes, we moms definitely live in glass houses. My 2yo daughter often walks around with a phone in her ear and puts a hand up to us and says, "shhh." Humbling, isn't it?
I love that your little guy has a special joke with the family. Part of your "family identity" and so cute.
You asked about Prince Caspian - my 13yo son saw it this weekend with the youth group and loved it. The rest of us are all eager to go as soon as we can work it out! Glad you and J. had a good time.

Kristin said...

I love that perspective, that is so funny.

Tiff said...

That is too funny! My son always says green when we ask him what a cow says. He's too funny!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

When we get to "see" what they "see", the result is often humbling (as jennifer stated). Good that you humbly recognize it and can take it.

What cutie pies - love the wrong sound for cat. Are they dears?

Sharon said...

Hi Andrea,
I laughed when I saw what Lincoln says for cats. When Joshua was learning animal sounds, for some reason he was determined that tigers said "pssst" - the sound we make to shoo off wandering cats from our yard. He could not be convinced. Until we went to the zoo one holiday and the ONLY animal to make any noise at all was the tiger. And it definitely did not go "pssst". Poor little Josh was scared out of his wits but from then on, he was always confident that tigers went "roarrrr!"
Thanks once agin for a snapshot into your life.
~ Sharon from Equip Academy