Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 24

Another week, another report. These do seem to get a little tedious and boring, but Jefferson would be disappointed if I didn't post at least some of his work. And it's a good way for me to work through some things on my mind sometimes. So again, we'll report.

I didn't feel like this was one of the best weeks we've felt more like I was focused on getting things checked off "The List." I noticed this when Jefferson struggled with one of his math lessons because we had to push it into the afternoon, when his brain wasn't quite fresh (hmmmm...rotten brain - quite tasty!). Instead of just letting it go until the next day, I got frustrated that "my" schedule would get messed up! Of all the things for my to think! As if I am the one in control here! I just thank the Lord that He is gracious to me and pray that He will keep my children's hearts soft when I am being selfish. He is always good to give us a new day!

We are chugging steadily through Spelling Workout B in conjunction with CCC B:3. I feel like phonics has been quite light and I think we need to focus a little more on it. One thing I think I am missing out on here is that I am not sure how to check Jefferson's comprehension in these areas. Every once in a while I got through his spelling notebook and have him write out some of the words which he seems to struggle with but is that enough? And as far as reinforcing the phonics rules, what should I do? Post them in his notebook or in a list on the wall as we learn/review them in our lessons? Hmmmm.

Another good week for reading - I still can't get over how exciting it is for me to see him read! He's choosing to work through about 3 chapters of the bible out loud daily and is really enjoying the 'boy' books we're reading to him - "Nate Saint -On a Wing and A Prayer" and "White Fang." DH and I got a babysitter and spent part of Sat in the bookstore, much to the detriment of our wallet. The peace and quiet was great but I couldn't help but buy Jefferson some great new 'boy' chapter books (.e. Encyclopedia Brown, Mary Pope Osbourne) and science books (DK Sharks and DK Snakes). I mean - it's like a candy store! With coffee! What could be better? But I digress.... I also got an order from Rod & Staff in the mail. Lots more books for either us to read aloud or Jefferson to read. It was like Christmas in March - books are the best! Missionary stories, Beatitudes, Proverbs, character training stories, all within Jefferson's reading level and some to stretch it. I wish we could read them all tomorrow!

As far as copywork goes, Jefferson is getting plenty of it. Sometimes it just feels like busywork though. I have to help him to concentrate on his penmanship as he is starting to write more quickly and sloppily. I wonder if he needs to be using smaller lined paper? Anyone know when one should move on from 1st grade sized paper (5/16) to 2nd grade (1/2)? Another hmmmm. Reagan is biting at the chomp to be writing. Every time I turn my back she's using the whiteboard to write her numerals and just loves our little times each week that she can trace and/or copy the numerals that I write. I wish that our CCC workbook was here so that I could continue her penmanship in a more focused way.

Math was uneventful but productive for each this week. I definitely noticed the difference in Jefferson's focus when we had to do the lesson in the afternoon's though. He wants to do it first in the morning but it's the one subject that requires no interruption for me - so Adam has to be sleeping or otherwise vegetated (uh, I mean 'occupied in a meaningful way'). I need to continue to play Addition War with Jefferson - I have slacked off here as he has moved to addition with higher decades. It's an easy game and such good practice - good family time too. Corners (pictured) is still his favorite! I have not ordered Reagan's math program yet. I thought that I would go with Semple math but have looked at it and don't think I like it. I wrote the RightStart designer with Reagan's learning strengths and weaknesses to see if her program would work for her. So we're going to start her with that - I just have to remind myself that this is not set in stone.

Science - sharks this week. What boy doesn't want to know more about these meat-eaters? Jefferson ate it up (notice the ample amounts of blood headed to the noses) and Reagan added her personal touch of pink to her drawing (as usual). There's no end to the info available on sharks! The DK level 3 reader I found at the bookstore was perfect for them! However, we only have 2 more weeks in Life Science so I need to make sure that my Human Body lessons are ready to go - yikes!

I'm a bit bored with history right now - don't know why. Maybe I just give it enough attention this week - Medes & Persians take over Mesopotamia. Maybe we'll go deeper next week.

Overall a productive week. I will say that I'm feeling the need for a break! I don't have one planned until May 5th! Sheesh - I don't think we can all make it that long and still remain sane. Maybe we'll trudge through 2 more weeks and then break? I'm ready for spring!!


sbharnish said...

This was too funny to pass up posting a comment...."Reagan is biting at the chomp to be writing".....I seem to remember something in your "32 things about mom24" post about such snafoos...HAH! Gave me a good laugh. Do you watch're like Ziva!

mom24 said...

Oh my gosh - that is soooo true! I seriously cannot get cliches out of my head in the right order! LOL!


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

very funny about the cliche - it was almost as if you did it just to illlustrate your point! LOL
Thanks for sharing - it's always neat to see what's going on in your little corner of the world. You inspire me to keep going when I'm running out of steam!

Sharon said...

Can you please show Jefferson the pics on my latest blog post from our excursion to our state's aquarium? Joshua and I think he'll like the pic of a real shark (a grey nurse) and of Joshua looking at some (real!!) clown fish. We really enjoyed our visit.
Joshua liked Jefferson's hammerhead - and could recognise it, so both our boys must have learnt something in the last few weeks!
~ Sharon from Equip Academy