Thursday, March 20, 2008

So Proud of My Big Boy!

Today I got another dose of "Oh my goodness, I love Homeschooling!" I am so proud of Jefferson and the progress that he's been making in this, his first official year of school. It's so nice to be able to see how far he has come since just September! The Lord is good to send little blessings of encouragement along the way!

So I'm all excited about life science this time. We started the lessons (plans available here) late this year and haven't been able to spend a lot of time on expounding upon these lessons. Usually we read Kingfisher, answers questions on a printout (provided by Trivium Academy), draw a picture of the animal, and look more info on the internet. Every once in a while we find a library book on the animal too. I know that Jefferson loves learning about animals but wasn't sure if he was really getting enough understanding of those that we have chosen to learn about.

But today, he came home from his homeschool co-op (I usually go with, just not today) with a stuffed paper clown fish that he made all by himself! Why is this so cool, you may ask? Because that fish is what we learned about yesterday at home! He was quite interested in the striped pattern and how to draw it correctly. I gave him an example which he copied very well on his narration paper. He tells me that the assignment at co-op was to make a fish with a pattern - so of course he choose the one that he learned about. Connection made here that I, his teacher, was blessed to observe!

"No one else did a clown fish, Mommy!," he said. He was glowing by the time I was done letting him know how excited I was that he used the information he learned in science for another project!


Monica said...

He looks pretty proud, too.

Don't you just love being the one to teach him and watch him grow? What a blessing.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Hey that's awesome! I love clown fish! They are so adorable... but not as adorable as that proud little boy you have there! Great job!

Sharon said...

I liked your fish, Jefferson. And it looks wonderful. I am learning about sharks and whales.
From Joshua J
(whose mum is Sharon @ Equip Academy)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

He looks so happy! I lvoe it!