Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 20

With the kind of week we had, it should be no surprise that I'm not posting the weekly report until now. (Even now, I should be headed to bed instead to get a better start to week 21!) Last Sunday a miracle occurred - our entire family was healthy enough to all head to church. This is a rare occurance due to Adam's weak immune system and the time of year. And, true to form, Tuesday morning arrived with no less than three-101 fevers and a strange gurgling of my own g.i tract. Dh stayed home while we all 4 sacked ourselves on the couch and watched tv. Not only is this wretchedly boring (I mean, how many times in a row can a person watch Madagascar?), but in the back of my mind I couldn't stop worrying about how we could possibly get our lessons in for the week.

So since we had to head to my parents house for Sunday and Monday, dh and I turned Sat into school/work day and doubled up some lessons on Friday in order to pull week 20 together! Amazing how short lessons make the days so flexible. We only ended up losing 2 days of reading time and this week's science lesson (although the "Mommy-I think the hermit crab's dead" scare might count)!

We continued steadily in phonics, spelling, copywork, and grammar (pronouns still). Jefferson really enjoyed math this week since we learned a new card game. It's called Connect and requires that you line up 4 cards, edge to edge, in order to make sums for 5, 10, 15, or 20. He had to add his score in his head and then tally his total score in his head or on the abacas. Amazing how playing this game for a few days shows rapid improvement in learning how to add by 15 (i.e. add 10 and then 5)! I am still so happy with the AL Right Start Math (a program recommended on the Charlotte Mason site) and will definitely continue with it as well as starting Reagan with it next year. The manipulatives work wonders and the teacher book really helps me to teach Jefferson to run things through his head in different ways in order to come to the same solution.

So - short and sweet this time. Hopefully this week will be a little more productive and less stressful. Nothing major is planned but it's always the unplanned things, huh? Until next time!
(b.t.w the hermit crab is NOT dead - he just decided to stare at us for a very, very, very long time!)


Monica said...

Good job on keep up even though your house is sick. That in itself is no small feat!

You asked about speech therapy. We had our daughter evaluated when she had just turned five. She was extremely quiet and when she would speak no one but me could understand her. We thought initally it was a hearing problem.

She went that summer to Purdue University once a week for 1 1/2 to their speech pathology department to receive serves. It was a win, win for both of us. They needed students and we needed affordable therapy. The same graduate student worked with her one on one and we had the advantage of several professors' opinions.

They were able to work easily to improve her speech, but pointed to another problem- auditory processing. This opened up a lot of doors for us. I did a lot of research, considered private therapy. It was simply too expensive. We decided to go with the local school district.

Since we homeschool I sit in as the parent and the teacher role which is awesome in my opinion. They really listen to what I have to say and have done a great job to bring her farther than I think I could have at home.

We supplement here at home with a computer program called Earobics. We got in on ebay.

Had she been in public or private school I believe that she would have been labeled and held back. I think that would have driven her into herself and only made problems worse. She is a very smart girl and academics are easy for her. She just doesn't understand verbal instructions easily nor is able to quickly communicate sometimes.

But we've seen amazing things and for this we praise God.

There are many different routes to get help. I wish we would have done it earlier. I suggest if finances are an issue with treatment consider your local university as a starting point. The local school speech therapy is there to serve the community, not just public school students.

mom24 said...

Thanks so much! We need to do something soon as Adam is so frustrated (and so are we!)which makes teaching J and R difficult. We have 2 schools in the area and will look into IU13 also. I again am so glad to be homeschooling so that we can deal with this to the best interest of our child! Thanks for the encouragement!