Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yearly Lesson Plan

Here I am blogging when I should be making sure that tomorrow's lessons are ready (this is typical of mybloodline -just ask my father). Especially since last schoolweek was almost a bust! After having made a 1st grade yearly plan, I am all too aware of how much flex time we have if we want to meet our goals by the end of June! Having a baby in the middle of the year really tightened things up for us, leaving us with shorter holiday breaks than we would normally have. But ... what I love about the yearly plan is that it keeps me on track. And it actually even lowers my stress level by letting me stay aware of which subjects or lessons can be shifted or skipped when other things in life get in the way (I can't tell you how often my 2-year old is sick and miserable!).

My inspiration for this organization has no doubt been someone else - I don't have the time to think of everything for school myself. So I frequently visit my favorite super-mom homeschool blog,, to gather from her immense library of homeschooling tools, ideas, lesson plans, and encouraging posts and links. Wow -what a great source of information and support. If you're interested in classically homeschooling your kids, this is a link that should be on your favorites! And because she is so willing to take her time to post links and tools for others, I too will try to do the same. Even though I am new to home schooling, I hope that this blog may be of some help to someone at some time.

Anyway, here is my yearly plan for this year. I will expound upon the different curriculum choices I've made for each subject at another time.


Cozy Place said...

Good luck to your homeschooling!!