Friday, December 14, 2007

The Important Things in This Life

Today the Lord decided to remind me which things in life are really important. I have been a bit overwhelmed in trying to teach Jefferson, while adjusting to life with four kids all the while living through the holiday hooplah. After managing to miraculously get 4 days of lessons in, I was still beating myself up about not fitting the history or science lessons. I was stressed about getting gifts mailed out in time. I was irritated at the state of disarray around the entire house. I was frustrated that I couldn't get anything substantial completed in a day due to feeding the baby every 3 hours. And when even the littlest thing didn't go as I expected, I held a mini pity-party for myself!

But this morning when Lincoln wouldn't eat, had a fever and sounded funny when he breathed, I knew something more serious was wrong. Something worse than a few dirty dishes and hollaring kids. After a week of fighting a the nasty virus that had run it's terrible course through each of the rest of us, he was unable to keep it from getting into his lungs. I took him to the dr and then to x-rays where it was determined that he had pneumonia and would have to be admitted to the hospital for iv antibiotics. Now here is some real stress for a mom! You moms know exactly what I mean!

What I'm saying is that sometimes it takes a serious situation to remind us not to take our precious health, our families, for granted! To make us stop for a while and repent of our complaining and whining about the little things. God wants us to think eternally rather than only of the here and now. He has given us these precious children as a gift - a heritage - that He wants us to not only take care of, but also to enjoy. How can I do this if I am worried about the rice crispies on the floor or getting dinner ready right on time? What about my daughter's tangled hair or the ripped pages of the book on the foor? If I am distracted about these things, I will miss the beauty of their childhood!

We don't know how long we will have them but we know that they belong to Him. I am so thankful that God made them and that He loaned them to us for a time. How long will I be in the hospital with little Lincoln? Long enough to ruin my plans for the weekend and the next schoolweek. But also long enough remind me of the important things in this life!

Dear Hubby

My boys - Jefferson, Adam, and tiny Lincoln!

Lincoln @ 5 days old

We call Reagan "Little Bolt of Lightning"


Jennefer said...

What a beautiful family you have!! :)

I will be back soon to check on your little man and in the meantime I'll be praying.

Blessings to you and your sweet children,