Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 13 Offline Already!

We're only in day two and already our lessons for week 13 have been derailed. Yesterday I was in the worst day of my head cold while Adam was working on a earache. He screamed and fussed for most of the day while I tried to read instructions with almost no voice left and a sinus headache. Not to mention that J&R were cranky after a weekend with their grandparents. Amazingly, we only skipped our history lesson (which as you can see from my yearly plan, we don't have much room to skip!).

Skip to today, when the contractor arrived a.m. to replace an outside door, forcing me to place all three kids in the basement play area in order to keep them away from the door. By the time the door was finished, Adam was feeling better, but Jefferson had the telltale signs of this nasty bug and poor 6-week old Lincoln started barking like a seal. This ensures me that tomorrow will be all but shot, with a doctors' visit and a sick 1st grader.

So my question is this - how does one teach under these circumstances? The Lord has helped me to provide more structure for Jefferson this year and has given me the perserverence to keep on keeping on. He has guided me to begin Jefferson in a structured classical education rather than choosing an easy all-in-one curriculum. I have been thrilled to watch him learn to read and shared in his excitement of discovery over and over. What blessings God has given me in homeschooling! But there are times when I am sure that the enemy just wants to add to my stress and lay guilt on my shoulders by messing up our already tight schedule for the year. The responsibility to educate my children at home is a heavy one - one that I take very seriously. I don't want to fail in my stewardship of these beautiful children!

So I will do tonight what I know I have some control over - I will pray. God is soveriegn and He is faithful to provide the time, patience, health, and wisdom that I need to obey Him in His calling to teach my little loves at homes. I will give God back the control that I thought I had. And tomorrow, we will try again!