Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Reagan Looks Better!

Reagan was very, very sick for the entire month of January and had begun to look thin with circle under her eyes.  She couldn't concentrate on school, so we let it go. She was not very happy or smiley at all through all her pain.
(Her sickest point - the day of her colonoscopy AND the day of her sister's birth)
But I'm posting this, to show just how much better she is looking after a diagnosis and 5 weeks of anti-inflammitory meds. She has gained weight, has returned to school, and has been able to share in the joy of having a new baby sister around here (of whom I will later post photos!)!  I'm so happy that she's feeling better and I thank God!!!
(New haircut & a happy smile!)



Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow - she looks Amazing! What a difference!

Andrea said...

I just noticed that you can see her collar bone in the first two photos too! She definitely looks better with a bit of weight on her - even her skin does!

sbharnish said...

wow, you can really see the difference in these pics....while the diagnosis does stink, she is now on the road to recovery! By the way, you should have some professional pics done while she has this cute short haircut, it looks so fabulous on her!

Kellie said...

The difference is stunning. Poor thing -- I'm so glad things are getting better. And what a treat to get to see pics of the baby. : )