Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introducing Our Newest Blessing!!

Since I haven't been blogging very often this school year, I haven't had the time to harp & complain about journal my 5th pregnancy.  Consider yourself lucky - I was not a happy camper most of the time and I was hoping through it all that this meant I was carrying a baby of the 'female' type! So you get to skip all that jazz and get right to the good part - the sweet, precious, adorable, tiny, unique, and beautiful BABY!! (But first you must sit through the gorey details of the delivery.... hey, I want it written down for the kids' sake!)

Our duedate was January 23rd but I felt nothing close to being ready by that time. January had been particularly stressful for this momma since Reagan had developed chronic diarrhea after a stomach bug (from which we all recovered) and we didn't know why she was so sick. We finally got a colonoscopy scheduled for February 1, *knowing* that dh would be able to take her. We fully expected that I would be home with the new baby.

But durned if that little thing didn't want to bake extra long! She was just nice and comfy and I guess this momma still needed to be available for her other little girl in her time of pain and need.

So NINE days after our duedate, on February 1, Reagan goes in for her procedure and I start feeling what I thought were more braxton hicks contractions after she left. I fed the other kids, got dinner in the crockpot, sat and *listened* to my contractions, read the kids books, and *listened* again. By 11:30 I realized  that those tummy muscles were hitting me every 12 to 15 minutes and I had better doggone well get my bathroom floor scrubbed clean (isn't that your first thought when you realize you're in labor??)! Talk about last minute nesting! My cleaning lady had cancelled that very day due to all the nasty ice we had and I couldn't stand the thought of my midwife seeing the dirty floor (that is, IF she could get there through that nasty ice we were having). What a sight I was, if you could imagine me, hugely pregnant, on my hands & knees in the bathroom and then running around hollaring at the kids to vacuum the floors and pick up toys!

I had started this day out thinking there was no way the baby would come if not by now and that I would just have to be pregnant forever. I gave my dh an awful computer virus for his first birthday gift of the morning and a birthday cake made out of paper (since Reagan was too sick to eat cake, none of us would have it in front of her). It was February and I could not believe there was still a baby inside of me and that I would have to struggle through with a loopy prego brain teach yet another day of school, when all I wanted was a *break* from school (if that's what having a baby really is - lol!). And then there was Reagan, who needed her momma and daddy to help her through her pain and her hospital procedure. The baby just would not be allowed to arrive on this day.

But alas, after I made lunch, my mother-in-law brought Reagan home at 12:30 and my contractions jumped to regular 2 minute intervals. For this reason, dh harped on me for not calling the midwife ASAP and for fixing lunch instead. Thankful to have childcare already there (in the form of a doting grandmother) and a daughter who finally had a diagnosis (albeit, not a good one - ulcerative colitis), I headed upstairs to labor and wait for the midwife and her nurses (who were all soooo lovely, by the way! I felt so comfortable with them). 

The rest is quite boring and likely TMI for ya'll to read anyway. Suffice to say, that 4 hours and 15 mintutes after those first contractions, our second daughter arrived (rather quietly - not much of a screamer, that one) and stole our hearts away! We were not surprised at her size or that she looks more like my dh (he has dominant Romanian genes in his side - just take a look at his mom!). We were not surprised at how amazingly beautiful she felt in our arms either. We were not surprised at how happy we felt to finally see her!

So, may I introduce our 5th child and 2nd (much prayed for by Reagan who "already has enough brothers but if it's a boy,I'll love it anyway") daughter:

Isla Jane
February 1 @ 3:44pm
10lbs and 22 3/4 inches

A lovely birthday gift for which Dave was thrilled! No - that is not a typo - she is a nice big girl (but thankfully smaller than her last two brothers were!)!  Her name is pronounced "eye-luh" and she is 5 weeks old as I post this, so I will just stick the newest shots of her here and post others as I have time. Reagan is so thrilled to have a sister and the boys are enthrhalled with her as well! I can not figure how to give her a *presidential* name for this blog - 'Eisenhower' just doesn't seem to suit a girl. So I welcome any suggestions for a bloggy name for her!



Monica said...

What a perfect, beautiful baby girl. I remember begging God for a boy (still) the moment he was being born. I just couldn't imagine Joseph with one more sister. Though they are a few years apart, they are special friends. I'm glad your daughter will grow up with a sister to share life (and a room:) with.

sbharnish said...

how about Irene!

Meredith said...

Congratulations. What a big day you all had!! She is beautiful.

Maybe you could call her Eleanor or Jacquie or Barbara or Michelle...after a president's wife!

sbharnish said...

i like eleanor too! great idea...a president's wife....i am pretty sure none of them start with I's though....eleanor is great though!

Kellie said...

She is so beautiful, and I love her name too! I know I'm a little far away, but if you ever need a babysitter... : )

I feel pretty foolish -- all this time I never realized you were using blog names for the kids! They sounded like perfectly normal names to me! : )

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Now your family is the opposite of mine, with bookend girls and boys sandwiched in the middle - we have the reverse. Enjoy her!