Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Do!

For those who don't know me or chat with me on face*book, here's a look at my latest hairdo. I generally have the urge when I am pregnant with a girl baby (not that I knew the baby was a girl but I suspected) to drastically chop my hair. I always regret it and know that the new style won't last long but at least I enjoy the new do for a little while.  This time I had been eyeballing the more sculpted looking 'bobs' out there now - you know.... the ones that angle up from chin up toward the back of the neck? So that's what I tried for. And I do so like it - it takes less time to dry & iron and stays in place easily! But we'll see how long it lasts with the baby around!

(Hmmm - can't figure out why this is rotated! Grrr...)



Kellie said...

Oh, I really like it! I've been thinking about chopping my hair off too -- decisions, decisions . . .