Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adam Turns Five!

(Again, better late than never for this birthday post!)
Adam has the fortunate birthdate of the 2nd of December, but he was due the day after Thanksgiving. So each year, we have started inviting the famliy over for Thanksgiving and celebrating his birthday on the same day. It works out nicely for him - he gets a birthday feast that wouldn't be possible if we waited another week to have his party! And not only does he get a cake but also gets a variety of pies - yum! Of course his favorite part is having his 'friends' (cousins & family)over too - so much excitement for him!

 He loves "heliPocters"!
 The tasty slow-cooked bird was again a success!
 In his new Iron Man mask
And after 3 years of speech therapy, he was finally able to blow out his own candles this year (a difficult task when one couldn't make the 'sh' shape with the lips!) on his airplane cake! This is only one of the steps he's been able to take in this past year. He is finally learning his letters and numbers, can color in the lines and draw his own people, can ride his bike with training wheels and his scooter also, and narrate a pictue story from start to finish (a processing task that has always been hard for him). He is communicating so very much better this year, with full and thought out sentences, improved grammar, and very few speech impetiments left. He is also able to participate physically in play with his peers more so than before as his balance and gross motor skills have caught up.

Such a big year for him! He is such a joy to have around!


sbharnish said...

love these pics! And you are right, he really has made a huge amount of progress this past year! Good for you A!

Kellie said...

What a fun birthday! And so many wonderful milestones to celebrate! I'd love to chat with you sometime about the speech therapy -- I think it's something we need to revisit.

P.S. I've been meaning to ask you all weekend about your recent comment on my blog -- have you had the baby?!

P.P.S. Your cakes look amazing! I stink at cake decorating, so I'm very jealous. : )

Andrea said...

Kellie - we HAVE had the baby! Feb 1st (dh's bday!) we had a little sister for Rae. I'm trying to 'catch up' with my posts so I can introduce her on my blog. So photos will come soon!

Thx about the cakes! I had the *misfortune* of having someone teach me to do that type of decoration and now I feel like I have to make these cakes for each kid. That adds up to a lot of cakes with so many kids - lol!

Kellie said...

Can't wait to see pictures. : )