Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hazards of Good Food!

I'm typing at a snail's pace (ugh) with just my left hand.  Why??  Because of how hazardous the food prep in this new food plan has become!  What with all the veggies to chop a momma can get quite lax about the extreme sharpness of the blade with which she is working and take off a thumbtip in the process.


The worst part is that this is the SECOND time I've done this in the last 8 weeks - same chopper!  My tears (and holy cow did I cry this time - last time not so much even though it was deeper the first time) this time came not for the pain, but for the stupidity of not throwing out that doggone slicer the last time this happened.  That and the realiazation of just how much this injury slows down my work and adds to my sense of overwhelm. It took 4 weeks to heal almost fully from last time and was still pink when I dug into it today.

I DON'T have time for this! 

I have veggies to chop and kids to feed and laundry to fold and numerous others bits of life which require the use of one's right thumb.  Not to mention the additional work that DH has to do to keep us going until I can use the right hand again (took 2 full days last time before I could chop, cut, wash, cook, fold, dress kiddos without opening the wound up).  Poor, dear hubby! (Such a good, good man!)

At least this time the Spirit had the sense to remind me to call my in-laws who live down the road, one of whom is a doctor.  Not that I revelled in the idea of him poking and prodding my fresh wound and torturing me with alcohol (DH says thats what he always used on them growing up!).

You see.....I am a wimp.  Not just a wimp but the kind of wimp that cries at a paper cut and has to look away from needles.  And by the time dear father in-law got here, the thumb was clotted well into the gauze and I was practically biting my lip not to bawl as I peeled it off for him to examine.   And then I got woozy and he had to have me lay on the kitchen floor to clean and bandage it while I shook like a leaf.

Such.a.BABY! Could you have witnessed you would have been ROFL, I'm telling ya!!  :-o

Maybe if I would just listen to God telling me to slow down, I wouldn't have to be stopped in my tracts like this, huh? Like anything else that seems no good at all, there is always something good to come out of it.  I 'll let ya know when I figure it out for this situation - lol!!  Until then, I'll just type with my left hand, very, very slowly.....



Muthering Heights said...

You poor thing!! I am so clutzy when I chop...I can sympathize!! :)

argsmommy said...


I'll be praying for a quick healing.

Monica said...

Ouch! There's nothing worse that a cut finger for a mom. Hope it heals super fast.