Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Letter to My Children

To my four little ones,
I have no talent for words, nor ability to spin a tune for you.  I don't offer any magnificent or wondrous manner of charm or humor. I simply want you to know about my love for you. How deep it runs.
A wide, wide river could not hold the love I feel for you each. But it is yet a minute drop next to the love of Christ.  Your Maker.

You are valuable beyond what you could imagine, for you have been carefully thought out. Planned with a purpose in this life. Brought to fruition in these adorable little people that you are.  That He would see fit to lend you to me for a time, short though it is, is uncomprehensible.  I don't deserve.

But therein lies His love. Always shown in ways unfathomable to us. There is none worthy of such love. And yet....

An imperfect and weak momma that I am - given care of such gifts.  Given stewardship and told to build His legacy here.  With you each

But I fail (...My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness). You know it, even with your young hearts.  That the flesh is not fully sanctified.  That I can't be what you need.  For if so, what then of the work of the cross? Useless if your momma was perfect for you!  And so I remind you that my love, deep, deep and so very strong, is but a twinkle in the light of His for you each. Is not what you need in this life.

I hope (desire, pray, long, aspire to my very depth) always to point you to God's Truth. His salvation. But you must do the walking.  Listen to me, my dears. You must do the walking.  He will take you - arms open wide, for your wages have been paid as well as mine.  You were made for Him - not for me (thankful to share, to have this wisp of time with you, sweet ones from my womb).  He asks only that you believe.  Not that you become perfect. Not that life is easy. Not that no one ever offends you. Not that you work to deserve (we could never....).

Accept his Grace, given to the making of sun-blinding brightness. White! (No longer rags....).

This.  This is my love for you.  That you would see our Lord in my walk (in my path - purposed by Him).  The part that runs side by side with yours each, if for but a whisper of a moment.

I delight in you each!  My heart is burdened with this wide, deep love for you - such an exalted goal (above all worldly things!).  I pray for you (In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness;for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words;...)  For your path.  That it may lead to His truth and salvation.  That we may each be all united in such a glorious presence, as we have never even imagined! His.

Love, grace and peace,