Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reagan Turned 7!

Reagan turned 7...almost a month ago now.  And I haven't blogged photos or anything due to my loss of marbles lack of focus and daily runrunrun.  But such is life around here and these things are better late than never!  She did have such a fabulous day that I thought I should leave her a bloggy reminder.

Since she seems to display a love of all things crafty, I booked a room & instructor at Miche*al's Craft store for a few hours in the morning. I brought some decorations to match the craft being done (a kid-sized apron with butterfly stamps) as well as some very special treats for her and her friends to eat. Her older brother came as well as her BFF, Lacey, and a new friend from homeschool co-op, Sarah (nice and simple - just the way her momma likes it!). The room was spacey and we were given plenty of time for the kids to work on their lovely aprons (goodness did they love this craft) while this momma got some grown-up girl talk in (as well as time to oogle Joyful Mama's newest princess....sigh - I heart babies!).

But you should have seen Jefferson and Reagan dig into the eat-treats!  You'd think they hadn't had a piece of cake or candy in weeks!  Oh....wait.....they haven't.  LOL! I 'caught' Jefferson with a fistful of almond brittle - this after 3 chocolate cupcakes, 2 daterolls, and an untold numbers of coconut macaroons - and gave him my best forboding "momma says you'll get a tummy ache" look. And Reagan was just pleased as punch with her eats as well!  (Needless to say that lunch was not well-eaten when we got home - lol!)

When it was time for her party gifts, Rae ever so quietly and tackfully shouted out, "Mommy! We can't eat these - we have to throw them away RIGHT NOW!" in regards to the first thing unwrapped - an 8-pack of Rees*es PB Cups!  I wanted to crawl in a hole but instead reminded her that we could in fact freeze them for later (and by 'later' I mean, whenever Aunt Becky can get herself over to take them off our hands and enjoy them herself). That faux pas behind her, she gladly accepted the bounty of lovely presents brought for her all the while smiling and posing for the camera (she's gotten quite "America's Next Top Model" about this when the camera's around - lol!) and giving hugs and thanks.  She received quite a few crafty kits, a gorgeous handmade tote & hair scarf, magnetic 'paper' doll, puzzles, and her first 'Darbie' doll (having never had a Barbie, this is what she thought we all called it). Jefferson bought her a bracelet with his own money and was so excited to see her open it.  DH and I got her some dress up clothes (because every girl needs a tutu and sparkly pink shoes to go with her fairy wings) and a bead bracelet kit.

When we returned home from her party, Nana and Grandpa were up from MD and showered her with more gifts & attention.  She could hardly take it all in, especially with the huge influx of sweet treats and was surely a tired birthday girl by the end of the day.

She told me, however, that this was her "best birthday ever!"  Bighappymommysigh......



Teacher/Mom said...

What a beautiful birthday girl! I think every parent secretly hopes that their child one day has a child who causes them as much embarrassment as said child has caused them. Guess you'll have to start counting up those moments. I also got a kick out of the Darbie doll. My birth mother's name is Darby, and her husband's name is Ken. Yep - they hear it everywhere they go. Lots of confusion for my princesses when they were young. Blessings.

argsmommy said...

I never blogged about my oldest daughter's birthday in January, so don't feel bad. It looks like it was a fun party (I might have to keep that idea in mind for the future) and, as always, she is adorable.