Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Reflection of My Brain These Days

I don't know if it's having four young children, getting older, or just that I'm only now realizing it,but my brain seems to be becoming more and more scattered!  Try as I might, I often succomb to what I call "The Overwhelm" and just throw my hands up and throw my stuff around, where it sits and give me a panic attack to look at until the day (months later) when I can return it to some semblance of normalcy and order (snortchucklesnort....riiiiight).

This photo is evidence of this homeschool/cook/cleaning lady/mommy me phenomenon occuring on my desk.  I have my highschool yearbook (Why? Oh - that would be for FB) up with my Teacher Manual along with my garden notebook, a book on allergies, Mystery of History (am I even utilizing that this year?), printer/scanner and colored paper up where they should be safe from clutter, but alas.....  All other scraps and pieces are a hodgepodge of life.  Don't know why I need a 150 piece pack of safety pins or reciepts from Christmas 2008 but hey - why deal with that now when I can wait a few months years?

It truly is a reflection of my brain these do I even function?  Oh...the coffee - that's how!  LOL!



sbharnish said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this post! i am laughing as i sit here looking around MY desk.....that is, if i could SEE my desk! This would be a fun thread.....5 random things that you see sitting on your desk right NOW! of diaper cream
2.princess crown
3.used coffee cup
5.2007 calendar.....

Andrea said...

Seriously! Everyone should take a photo or list the 5 random things and leave a comment so we can all laugh together (instead of just at ME)! :-)

argsmommy said...

I'm in! I'll try to post tonight. : )

sbharnish said...

now a that would be just plain embarrassing here!

Mrs. Taft said...

I can relate. LOL!