Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...the mouths of babes!

Adam (4) talking about the coffee I always drink: "I can't have that because it has COFFIENE in it, right?"  (He hasn't a clue what the difference in 'coffee' and 'caffiene is anyway'!)
Reagan (6) in regards to dh's not eating the same food as us: "Yeah - Daddy can't have that because of the pounds, right?"
(Don't think she gets what these pounds are that we talk about but I'm sure she knows we don't want to have too many!)
DH wanted to turn off the tube and put the kids to bed before they saw the winner of  AFV.  But I gave him a look and convinced him to let them stay up later, to which he said: "Isn't Mommy the nice one??"

Right away Jefferson's (8) face looked shocked and unsure as he said: "Uhhh....not usually!"
(Yes - we know who the 'mean' one is in this house - lol!)
Reagan (6) tends to be our little drama queen so I wasn't shocked to hear: "Mommy - when are we ever going to scrapbook again in our whole lives?"
(Life is just so hard when you are 6 years old and have everything that you need but still find yourself bored!)

Enjoy more Tiny Talk Tuesday with Mary over at Not Before 7!


Teacher/Mom said...

Love these! Sounds like something mine would say. Especially Jefferson's comment.

3 for Me! said...

Great quotes!! I think it's funny that you're considered the "mean" one;) I probably am too:)

I am expecting my 4th and we are also homeschooling and "attempting" a classical model:) I'll be keeping tabs on you guys since you're oldest is a few years older than mine;)

Erin said...

Ah yes, I am also usually known as the "mean one." Though last night our 7-year-old asked why both Hubby and I are hard on them, and easy on ourselves.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Loved these! Hmmm...wonder who the "mean" one is here...probably me :)

Hope things are going well mama!

Happy TTT!

Cara said...

Too cute! Love their little emerging reasoning skills :)

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

cute! yes, i'm "not usually" nice either. glad you got some brownie points there.