Tuesday, May 19, 2009

...the mouths of babes!

The kids are cracking me up as usual with their simple, literal, and innocent observations.
Jefferson (7.5): What do they call that thing we ate if it's just a big chunk of cookie shaped like a triangle?
Me: A scone, honey.
Jefferson: But it's like a cookie?
Me: Yes, but they call it a scone....

(He's right though - the ones from Walmart are a sweet and textured just like a cookie. I hadn't thought that the kids would like them. Still don't think he remembers the word 'scone' since he asks for a the 'triangle cookie'!)
Jefferson (while really enjoying his dinner): I could eat this meat 24/7!

(Don't think he knows what that means - just that he's heard it somewhere before)

Reagan (6) (While coloring in a tomato for her garden book): I'm making the back darker so it's looks like a shadow!
Me:What do you mean? What made you know to do that? (Surprised at her understanding of coloring shadows to make something appear more 3-D)
Reagan: I saw them do it on Bob the Tomato. You know - the part at the end where they showed us how to draw Larry?

(Apparently the special features to a Veggie movie has instructions on drawing the characters. She must have been intrigued by this enough to remember how to shade her tomato! Her memory always surprises me!)

Jefferson: How do you like my pot, Mommy? (As he shoves a sand bucket full of super packed dirt into my face)
Me: Uh... what do you mean?
Jefferson: I planted a seed! Do you think it will be ok? Will it grow?

(I love his enthusiasm and his belief that any seed put in soil WILL grow!)
Reagan (while observing closely the new growth on our Wandering Jew & with utter amazement): It looks just like God put glitter in the leaves, Mommy!
Jefferson: Yeah! And they're hairy too!
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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Woo hoo! Happy TTT!

What a great artistic attempt. Shadowing - that is awesome! What a great add on for the Veggie Tales Movie :)

"glitter on the leaves" - beautiful!