Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

Doing the Next Thing tagged me for this one.
Here are the rules:
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Six Random Facts About Me:

1. I had a pet garter snake in middle school and still really enjoy these reptiles. I want my kids will have one some day but know that will mean that we never see my mil visit ever again!

2. I have terrible posture. My mom was always on me to "stand up straight" but being the tallest kid the entire elementary school at age 11 did not help. My back is feeling the consequences these years later! The last 2 pregnancies with 60 lb gains and 11 lb babies each didn't help either. :-/
3. I cannot stand bugs. I don't mind looking at insects in a bug box or dead ones, but I don't want any live ones touching me. This is the one thing I can't stand about camping. Don't even talk to me about tics!

4. I had my belly button pierced in my 3rd year of college. It stayed that way until I was pregnant with Jefferson 6 years later. All the girls in the pep band (yes - again I remind you that I was a band fish) swore that if our basketball team (Drexel University) won even ONE game of the NCAA tournament (this was only the 2nd year they had ever even made it), we would all get pierced. I wasn't into drinking, tattooing or being crazy so it was the craziest non-permanent thing I could do! I was almost engaged to dh - I think he's the only person to ever have seen it (except maybe my sister)! But I have to say, it's a good thing it's no longer pierced - you mom's of 4 or more babes know what I mean.... *sigh*
5. My favorite fantasical creatures are dragons (hmmmm.... lizards -go figure). I love movies/books with dragons, even cheesey ones. I finished reading "Eragon" last year and am working on "Eldest" now (both by Christopher Paolini). I don't know what it is about these things - maybe the magic, maybe the flying, or maybe the power of the fire-breathing (I think my kids might say I DO have that power)!

6. I got mono my 4th year in college, just before the fall semester (I had been living in Philly working an internship). I was only just engaged to dh and he and my mom had to pack and move ALL my stuff because I was moving to a new apartment. I just laid on my bed all day and pointed with a pointer at them!

Wow - if this post doesn't expand your horizons, I don't know what will! :-) I'll break the rules here again and tag whoever want to be tagged. It's fun little dity so if you have time, let me know 6 random things about you, huh?


Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...never would have pegged you for a belly button ring...HAHAHAHA :)

Momma Roar said...

Snakes and bugs are all the same to me - EEWW!

Hee hee

Fun post! Was thinking the same as Mary with the belly button ring :)

Monica said...

It cracks me up that you pierced your belly button. Crazy college girl:)

JourneytoFamily said...

I realize this is an older post... I just now found your blog. I love snakes! Only took me 12 years of marriage to convince my husband to let me have one... now I'm about to get snake #3. My kids LOVE them, though my m-i-l is not so happy about it either. LOL

If you ever want to get one... I know the perfect kind, you can email me for more info, if you want. I did a bunch of research about it.

Sharon said...

That's so funny. I just saw a sign at the local book store that Christopher Paolini's third book is going to be released very soon. And that's here in Australia. Perhaps it is already out for you in America?

I too got my belly button pierced, in my second year of working after uni, I think. It's still in, despite four pregnancies! A bit after I got my belly button done I got my tongue pierced. That one went just before I got married, because I kept wrecking my teeth! Not recommended. Oh, and I have both my frenulums pierced as well. Do you even know what they are? There the little sticky out bits at the front of your ears between the ear hole and the cheek. I love these.

Oh, and I have a tattoo! He, he, he, bet you wouldn't have guessed that! I got it around the time I got engaged to my husband. Funny that. And what do you think it is? A dragon! Yes, I love them as well. Although, not from the whole Christian metaphorical imagery thing with dragons. But otherwise I'm sure they'd make lovely pets. Or not.

Oh yes, I'm not gonna be the average minister's wife, am I?

~ Sharon