Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why do you homeschool?

As a fairly new HSing mom, I am always interested in the input of others who have gone b4 me and those with me in this journey. For a person like myself who loves to have everything laid out and checked off, discovering the flexibility of homeschooling has been a little scary to tell the truth! But knowing the enormous benefits that come to my children with this type of education, dh and I felt it would be the best choice for them. I love that each child can learn at his or her own pace! I remember struggling greatly in school when I couldn't grasp a concept at the same time as the rest of the class - the stress of it was awful. I also love that we can spend so much more time on topics we enjoy (music, art, foreign languages, science, history, etc.) rather than wasting time learning things that we as a family don't agree with anyway (i.e. evolution, sex education, tolerance programs, etc.). Homeschooling curriculum can mirror that of the publics school or can be custom designed based on interests, skill level, progress level, and learning styles (just to name a few)! HS kids learn how to live in society by interacting with a wide range of people rather than learning social skills from a group of immature peers ( a position that they will never again be in as an adult) and wide range of activities (rather than just a classroom learning environmnent).

I could go on and on - I am just so pleased with how God has lead us to homeschooling! So I'd love to hear - how did you find yourself homeschooling? Check out this site to take part in her poll!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for stopping by :) The map on top of my page is from Eragon. I'm glad you support Huckabee! He really is the real deal, and he resonates with people based on right and wrong, not left or right (although he IS conservative!). I've ben supporting him since he was at 3% in the polls and I had no doubts he would rise quickly as his message got out! Please stop by my other site

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TammyT said...

Hi mom24,

Sounds like you've got a great balanced homeschooling life. Rock on!

Thanks for linking to my blog. Happy homeschooling!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

My parents discovered homeschooling when I was in high school (in the 80s - when there were no support groups!) So it was on my radar screen long before I had my own kids. I also love teaching, history in particular and am drawn to the classical methods. I saw from my siblings and friends who homeschooled how much easier children learn when their instruction can be tailored to their learning style.

The biggest reason is just that we feel called to do it by the Lord. He has obviously put Christian education on our hearts as a priority and we enjoy (for the most part, LOL) spending time with our children and being their mentors.

We participate in extra curricular activites through our local parks department and all three of my "students" attend a fine arts enrichment program one afternoon a week.


Monica said...

We homeschool because we realize that our relationship with our children is truly a temporary relationship. We have just a few short years to disciple them, to love them, to know them and to educate them. They will be out in the world soon enough and God is calling them to do great and small things for His glory. We do not believe that sending them off to school for 6-8 hours is being the parents that God requires us to be. So we homeschool and we love it! I enjoy mostly that all of my children really know eachother and have a sense of responsibility for one another. This is just so precious and will extend into the whole of their lives.

My husband is actually a teacher himself so he is excited that our kids have all day to learn and read and discover and aren't stuck at a desk waiting for the next assignment. Besides, he has a crush on his kid's teacher:)