Friday, January 18, 2008

I love Technology!

I'm always looking for a way to make teaching Jefferson easier. By the time he is 18 he will say to me, "What's a tapedeck, Mom? What do you mean 'video tape'? You took pictures on film?"

So I've been thinking about getting him some cool little audio tool to carry around that will help him with him memorization (now and in the future - classical education is full of memory work, for those that don't know). I found a link to free download to Audacity from Trivium Academy so that I can record pieces he needs to work on.

The coolest thing I've found so far is from Best Buy - it's the Insignia® - Pilot 4GB Video MP3 Player with Bluetooth Technology . Looks like a pretty neat little gagdet so I'll talk to dh about it. I'll let you know what I find as I research this issue. I think that it's neat but am wondering if I really need something with video capabilities for him or if I should just consider it a toy as well as a tool? He is my oldest and more responsible than the others, but still - he's 6.

Maybe I'll just get one for little ol' me? ;-) Or maybe I'll win one? 5 Minutes for Mom is even giving away a free one with headphones!


sbharnish said...

hmmm....2 words...."$100", and "Rachel" ;o)

Rootin' Tutens said...

How fun. I'm married to an engineer geek too, always keeping us cutting edge with electronics. Each kid has a computer, and it's always tricky to know how much to let them do. And talk about research to keep up with them! Yikes. We also have done the Trivium, for about 9 years now and this year are trying a co-op. Less freedom, less reading to my kids, makes me sad. May have to rethink that. I'll keep checking in to your blog, love your thoughts and ideas! God bless your journey with this incredible heritage we have. In Him,