Monday, October 1, 2012

19 Month Photos

Considering how I am botching/missing/ all of our poor little fifth child's milestones, I thought I should step out of my JC*Pennys rut and give the beautiful girl a proper photo shoot. At least!

And what a great shoot it was, with a wonderful friend to capture her curious ways at a nearby beautiful farm property! Thanks to Sally Belle Photography!




Kellie said...

So nice to get an update on your beautiful family! I can't even imagine how you keep up with it all -- I have a hard enough time just homeschooling two! : )

You had left a comment on my blog about connecting with each other via FB, and I never got back to you about that. I'm not currently on FB, but will be soon because we're letting our oldest get an account. So as soon as I'm set up I'll look you up. But I'm not sure I'll be much better at FB than blogging! : P

Andrea said...

Nice to hear from you! I haven't had time to even lurk on many of my favorite blogs, but I try to see how things are going with you at the Blue House! I am on FB because it's faster for me to check in w/ peeps than blogging & thus doesn't have to take as much of my time (note that I said doesn't "HAVE" to! I try to be careful not to waste time there!) Look me up at Andrea Perry Calkins if you sign up!