Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Allergy Symptoms & Results

These photos show why we are trying so hard to find a something to help Adam's food and seasonal allergies.

1st seasonal allergy attack at age 17 months (miserable!!)

3rd reaction to peanuts at 3 years (12/07) - we now have an Epipen

Last April (3 years old) was his first reaction to seasonal pollens since he was 18 months old.  We weren't expecting it since we hadn't seen it the season before.  Poor miserable little boy!!  We now have eyedrops and a steroid nasal spray as well as a new diet...

Skin Prick Test Results for both Adam & Reagan

 very strong response to peanut and cat
slightly less but still strong response to ragweed, tree pollen, and grass (uh, really??  Couldn't tell from those pics - lol!)

NO positive response (except the control prick)!!  This is also about what we had guessed but are happy to have comfirmed.



Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Bless his heart! (and yours!) I'm impressed with how hard you've worked and your dedication to your family's good health and nutrition. You're an awesome mom!

BTW, I pulled out Fallon's book again yesterday - so many of her recipes are so foreign to the way my family is used to eating. Since we don't have any serious allergies, we have the luxury of taking it slow and trying one thing at a time. It's intimidating, though, and i'm very impressed with you! :)

Andrea said...

My advice on NT is to mark the recipes that you like and keep using them. Don't get overwhelmed with the weird ones, like sweetbreads - lol!
I started by learning to make a good bone broth. This is soooo nutritious and can be used as a base for many soups or for cooking your rice/grains. Also, soaking nuts & seeds is easy and yummy and takes a bit of stress off the digestive tract while giving your kids a great source of fat and nutrients.
I'd start with those and see if you can work them into a weekly routine! Have fun with it though!

ps. Fallon is coming to our area again soon and I can't wait to pick her brain again!!

Momma Roar said...

I don't have any experience with allergies, but if something ever arises, you are my go to girl!

I, too, am impressed with you and all that you are tackling. Your children are so blessed!!!!

argsmommy said...

Poor thing! My oldest has pretty bad seasonal allergies and I remember several times when she was younger and her eyes would swell shut like that. Breaks a mom's heart! You're so good for documenting those heartbreaking moments though. I wish I had done more of that.