Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...the mouths of babes!

I've been so long in putting together a Tiny Talk Tuesday post - just keep forgetting to write down the funny things these kiddos say!

We were giving the kids a taste of the new lacto-fermented salsa that will be a daily part of their new diet. It tastes like fresh salsa except that it has a certain something that fills your sinuses.
Rae (6): Man, this stuff is zingy! (Her word for anything spicey or vinegary)
Jefferson (8): It's not a zing - it's a BANG! (As he struggles for breathe and chokes it down)

Strangely enough, both Adam (4) & Lincoln (2) liked that 'bang' enough to eat more!
Adam is doing wonderfully in his speech therapy!  He is 4 now but just 2 years ago he couldn't even say 'mommy.'  Here are some of his favorite words that I love:

"lasterday" (yesterday)
"helipockter" (helicopter)
"I dough know!" (I don't know)
"One, two, three, FIVE!"
"Bummy tumps!" (He love the 'tummy bumps' in the road!)
"Did you buy 'at one?" (He asks me this about EVERY item in the house multiple times each day- for some reason he wants to know if I bought 'that one' from the store)

I was telling Jefferson (8yo) once again that he is just growing so fast I can hardly believe it:

Me: It's like you're growing taller every day!
Jefferson: Yeah... you know I DO grow like a germ taller everyday.
Two quotes from our "How to open a fresh coconut" adventure:

Adam: I want to see the eyeballs - let me see the eyeballs!! (wanting to see the coconut 'eyes')

DH: Look kids - we're milkin' a coconut!

Join Mary for more fun Tiny Talk Tuesday over at Not Before 7!



Monica said...

My they are precious. Aren't you glad to be there to hear it all?

A germ taller:) Maybe he'll be a microbiologist one day.

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

What a delightful crew you have there!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What funny guys and gals! Like a germ? LOL!

Happy TTT girl!

Hey - I passed on CHAP this year...hitting the big conference in Richmond instead :) Sorry I won't see ya.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

so cute! love the helipockter. that makes me smile.

still SO impressed with your progress on the NT stuff - we're making baby steps, baby steps. but i gotta say, lacto-fermented is a BIG step and i'm not sure we're ready to take it yet...