Sunday, October 18, 2009

Need a bloggy update...

Goodness, I need to update my blog! My sidebars are all leftover from last year, our read-alouds are all different and the my family pics are all outdated. Plus, I'm ready for a Heritage Academy icon to use for book labels, t-shirts, my header, and business cards.

I've really got to start focusing on getting a post done each week also. I hope that I'll be able to do this better with only one hs student. It's just that with my perfectionist personality, I feel like I have to get everything else done first! Not to mention my frustration with Blogger and adding photos. Grrrr...

But I am determined to have something...anything...for the kids and myself to look through later in life. This blog has become the first journal of my life where I feel comfortable writing about our lives! Every other time I've tried to journal I've gone back to read after a couple months and not liked what I'd written and would've been embarrassed if someone else had read it. Strange that this forum - totally public and exposed - would be where I find my journaling groove.

I do think that it has something to do with the other bloggy peeps that I now feel like I can call friends. Not feeling alone in my journey as a wife, mom, and teacher actually seems to help me put thought to 'paper.' So, while poor little Adam and Lincoln may have cruddy baby books (and NO scrapbooks), at least part of their young lives are documented here with Jefferson and Reagan's early academic lives. And my personality is actually being public - go figure!

So for now, I start by working no my sidebars this week. Tiny steps people...tiny steps..


sbharnish said... cards?? are you going to start teaching other people's children?? hah! just kidding.....i love reading your updates!

Sharon said...

I found it funny that you wrote about your youngest two not having scrapbooks. I had a weekend away to scrapbook last month and Sam's scrapbook went from three loose pages floating around to ten pages all put into a coverset. Big improvement! I am looking forward to my monthly scrapbooking day off next weekend more than ever.

I too think that my blog has become a great journal. I did keep a diary off and on as a teenager. But I am a perfectionist as well and having a diary where if I missed a day there was a blank space made me feel a bit like I wasn't doing it properly, KWIM? And then, there were days when I wanted to write more than there was space for.

Having a blog means that my mum can read my journal and print off pictures of her grandkids, I have a record for me, I have to download my photos off the camera at least semi-regularly so they are in some form of order, and I can easily find a post to check back on what I have written before. Those are all reasons why this blogging thing is succeeding for me, over two years in. But the biggest thing for me is that there are no blank spaces when I don't blog on a given day; there is no bottom line telling me if I have written too much, and it is easy to include photos or scans of what we are doing or making, so I have a visual record as well as a written one.

Scrapbooking is great, but it provides a whole different level of satisfaction to blogging for me. Not better or worse, just different.

~ Sharon