Monday, October 26, 2009

Lincoln turns TWO!!

Our little , lumpy fourth baby has finally turned TWO! I truly feel like it was yesterday that I popped this one out! We mamas all know that times flies with our precious babies, but I'm getting the feeling that the more babies one has, the faster time seems to fly?

Lincoln was out first home birth baby and our second huge 11 pounder. He loves, loves, loves, playing with all of his older siblings....most of the time - lol! The other times, he has learned to use those vocal chords to make himself known. And this one throws - anything in his hands at the time of his frustration. And if nothing's in his hands, he'll find something to throw. Maybe he's becoming a bit dramatic like his sister or just plain strong willed. He's definitely becoming TWO! We love to watch him copy his siblings and learn to dance or sing or make silly sound effects with them. He loves to park his cars all in a row and MUST fix them if they become slightly misaligned (oy!). He still sucks his middle two fingers (like I used to) and runs away with giggle every time we call him to come. He calls me "Mahmoo" right now (not quite speaking yet) and loves to sit on my lap with a book (probably one that he's already chewed on in past months). One of his favorite things to do is to pull out ALL the dvds or books while I teach Reagan her lessons. I can laugh about that now only because he now starting to put them back too! :-)

Here are his two-year photos. He decided that he would NOT smile, no matter how the photographer sang and danced for him. Ya gotta laugh at that first grimace on his face! But he gradually warmed up a bit and (with the help of another singing, dancing photographer and a tennis ball) he finally did smile ... even if just for a shot or two.

Happy Birthday Lincoln! I hope your third year doesn't fly by quite so quickly...


joyful mama said...

I can't get over how much he has changed...just since the last time I saw him!!! He's sooo cute, looks just like A. Sunny sucks her two fingers too...:)

argsmommy said...

He is sooo darling!