Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...the mouths of babes!

Thought I might ease myself back into posting with a simple post and hopefully this will lead to more posts. I love the way that the kids describe things around here - it's always unique and often quite amusing!

Adam (3): Ah want see Jesus??
Reagan (5.5): No Adam. You can't see Jesus. Only when you get to be 4 or 5 and then you can pray for Jesus to be in your heart and then He can help you to be like Him and you can see Him in heaven. But you can't get to heaven on a bicycle!

(Well - that does it for me! I guess I'll have to try the praying thing instead of my bike....)
Me: Can you use descriptive words to tell Mommy what her voice sounds like? Something different than 'loud' or 'soft'?
Jefferson (7): THUNDER!

(Yikes - now I know what my yelling sounds like to little ears!)
Me: You have a GREAT memory, Reagan!
Reagan (5.5): Yeah! The people in my head have a book and when I learn something they put it in the book!
Me: How do they get it out?
Reagan: They grab it and take it and put it into my mouth and put it into words!

(She said all this with such seriousness, I could hardly keep from LOL!)


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

THUNDER?! Wow. I love that - great descriptive word, I'd say! :) I'll have to ask my kids the same question 'cause I'm pretty sure I sound like thunder, too!

Reagan has an imagination like my 6 year old - that conversation wouldn't surprise me one bit around here! LOL!

So glad to see you blogging again... or at least a little here and there. :) I have a question for you... any suggestions on a math curriculum for 1st grade? We've decided to homeschool next year ~ it's been a rough and crazy kindergarten and after lots of praying and research we've decided this is something we really want to do. :) Thanks in advance for any help or direction you can give!

Sharon said...

I love the quote from Reagan. That's just precious.

And I can completely relate to the musical quote. My kids are always singing something or other. Anna even has her own made up hymn thingy that she sins. It always has different words, but the same title, "Star in the Mist". Lovely.

~ Sharon