Monday, March 9, 2009

Connecting the Dots....

I love to post about the times when our kids make connections on their own (even as I type, Jefferson is pointing to my use of "their"). It's just a nice reminder that they actually ARE learning something, right? Not to mention the awesome grin on their face when they finally connects the dots about something we have been learning.

Grammar has been something which Jefferson has been struggling to wrap his mind around these past 2 years. And I have been wondering why I am even teaching a 'structured' grammar subject at all (rather than a more CM style, exposure approach). He drags his feet at the FLL book and it seems to take him forever to memorize definitions. He gets frustrated when he can't answer my questions about sentence parts (nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc.) that I feel like he's learned over and over (and I won't lie - I get frustrated too!).

But, just like happened when learning to read, he seems to finally be putting these foundational pieces together. It's kind of like turning on a light - only I don't know what it was that drew all the info together! He is finally able to label a sentence and give me good example of different parts. He can finally tell me what each part means and I find him checking his own punctuation and spelling.

Today he was excited to discover a homonym in his science work and also that he could spell both the words AND that one of them was a pronoun. I have taught him this many times but I could tell that this was when he made the concrete connection. You know - the time where you know you won't have to teach it again? I wish I could have caught his face with the camera! It's so funny how such a little thing can be so encouraging to both of us - and I am thankful for that!!
THERE - as in "that place over there, Mommy!"
THEIR - a pronoun that "I can use instead of the names, Mommy!"


argsmommy said...

I love it when they have those "ah-ha" moments! Congratulations!

It's interesting too to see how different kids respond to the same curriculum. My son has thrived with FLL because his brain is wired in a way that makes it so easy to memorize all those definitions. He typically has the definition compeletly memorized after I've said it two or three times, and then he never forgets it. If we had to spend a lot of time memorizing the definitions and word lists, I don't think we'd enjoy FLL very much either. I'm curious to see how my youngest daughter will do with it next year.


Momma Roar said...

Awesome!! You are doing a great job Mom, keep up the good work!

So great to read about your peace and progress with Reagan too!!!

Mrs. Taft said...

Those ah-ha moments are the best :)

Bookworm said...

Hi. I am a Christian homeschooler too. I like your your site. I found it from The Teacher Mom. I've been following a little trail of blogs and it's been fun! Glad ot have found yours!

I see ya'll are reading the I Wonder book. We have that one but havnet read it yet. My boys are readign and loving the Pathway Readers.

Thanks for sharing your life on your blog. I'll check back in!

Monica said...

I often remember in nursing school learning names of diseases/medications/procedures.... I knew them, but they meant nothing to me. Without context they were just words I was trying to cram in my brain. But when working with them and experiencing them firsthand, what was unfamiliar became reality and very important. I think much of learning is like this and homeschooling is a great environment to allow information to become knowledge.