Monday, November 17, 2008

1 Year Old Lincoln

Wow! Can it really have been an entire year since your amazing entry into our lives?

It felt like such a long time to wait for your arrival once we knew of your creation and your siblings waited so excitedly too. But you took your own sweet time, baking for 40 1/2 weeks until you had reached the ripe and hefty size of 10lbs 14 oz and 23 1/2in long. However, when it was time, you didn't waste any. The Lord must have known what a wimp your mommy is (seriously - I whine about paper cuts and pulled cuticles!) and spared me with your 3 hour labor and delivery! I was surprised that your first cry sounded so much like your big brother Adam's did and I thought it was strange that I could remember that detail over 2 years later.

Your daddy and I were so happy to welcome you to our family that chilly October day. You were so alert and looked so much like Adam.....

But this past year has shown you to be as unique and specially made as your three siblings. Your looks seems to be different everyday that we see you. So many who've met you remarked that you were the sweetest and happiest baby they ever met (okay, I may be a bit biased.... but they really did say it was so and I agreed!).

You have learned quickly that you need to make noise to be heard in this house - and make noise you do! Anytime that Adam comes near you to try to poke your nose, you start swingin' those arms and screeching. You often attack your offender by diving at them with your teeth bared. Yikes! This was cute at first but it is something that has shown us your strong determination as we've tried to teach you not to bite. Your curiosity is insatiable at this age, and house proofing you is quite the task. I can't help but smile as you chuck off the opposite direction as fast as your fat legs can crawl when you hear me approach while you're doing something "no-no!"

How amazingly adorable you are - you are so valued by all of us! We love to watch you learn and grow and we enjoy every day with you. What a wonderful year this has been with you, my darling Lumpy (don't worry, we won't call you that for long - you're already slimming out, much to my dismay)!

Happy First Birthday!


Monica said...

He's one already?! How could this be?

Happy Birthday, little Lincoln.

Sharon said...

What a surprise, our fourth born children share a birthday!

Happy birthday to Lincoln, and congratulations to you, Andrea, for getting through your first year with four kids!

~ Sharon

Tiff said...

He is so adorable. Happy Birthday Lincoln!!!