Monday, February 18, 2008

The Food We Eat!

Phase 1 Results:
Some great news for DH and I - this past week was our 6-week weigh-in for our 'diet.' We have been holding each other accountable and trying to use the Prism program (roughly) that I used to lose baby weight from Adam. It requires that we take out all white sugar/white flour. The 1st phase also excludes bread, white potatoes, snack foods (ie torilla chips, popcorn). We journaled our every bite for three weeks (or should I say "I" journaled since I do the food prep) b4 getting too overwhelmed with the kids' allergen-free food journaling to keep up with ours. But holding each other accountable has really helped me to make better choices and keep from cheating! We are not counting calories (since I'm nursing and dh finds it to be too tedious) and didn't feel like we were losing any weight! I was nervous that if dh didn't see results, he wouldn't want to continue and I can't tell you how many times I've prayed that he would take steps toward better nutrition!

So here are our awesome results! Remember this is only through taking out ALL white sugar and white flour, bread, and potatoes, not calorie counting or starving:

DH --> 15 lbs

ME --> 14lbs

Wow - were we thrilled! I couldn't believe that he even beat me when I've got nursing to help. I was so thankful for a bit of good news in this emotional week! I know that even through all the temptation and true physical cravings/addiction, God wants us to succeed in becoming better stewards of these bodies and has been by our side these 6 weeks!

So now we have to dig in and keep on keeping on through the 2nd phase! The first weeks always produce the biggest loss, so I plan on staying away from the bread even longer than the program requires (since I know that it's a huge weakness for me). And I need to find ways to encourage dh to start excercising so that he can continue steadily toward his goal (40 to 50 more lbs). I also need to start using pilates at least 3 days a week to deal with what I call the 'baby jiggles' left from Lincoln's pregnancy and continue toward my goal of 15 more lbs (I could be happy with 10 but refuse to buy new clothes!)

We are so excited! If any of you are struggling in this area, drop me a comment! You too can make a change toward better stewardship of the only body the Lord has given you!


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Congratulations! You should be proud of your hard work. My Sweetie and I have begun a new "wellness plan," too. I use that term b/c we are taking baby steps and committing to making better food choices and exercising more - but not "dieting" or anything so restrictive we couldn't live with for the rest of our lives. I've added an average of 5 lbs per baby, plus a few "stress pounds" through the years... all total, I need to lose a "toddler!" Your good results are encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

Monica said...

Wow. That is awesome! Great job!!
I'm slowing introducing our family to a lower carb life. I'm going to be shooting for 72 grams or less personally- hoping to loose a few pounds and ward of diabetes:)

You're results are such an encouragement. Please keep sharing!!

Sniz said...

This is inspiring! How much do you want to lose? I want to lose twenty and therefore, I lose slowly. If I could get results like this, I would do it! Oh, and are you exercising?

sbharnish said...

Great job guys! I too am in the "want to lose the impossible baby weight" mode, and am finding that even just adding cardio/strength training on a regular basis (no major diet changes) is working wonders for me! I have never been, nor ever will be a hard core dieter....just can't do it, so I admire your ability to persevere and make the sacrifice!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! DH had a *lifestyle" change 12/06--in a yr. he lost 83 lbs. Went from a waist of44/46 to currently34/36. His eating changes sound exactly like yours and he does do cardio/weight training 5x a wk. Just to let you know that Ya'll CAN DO IT!! Hang in there!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Keep it up! What awesome results!

Sniz said...

Since I had the stomach flu and haven't eaten anything for almost three days, this would be a good time to start a diet like this. Are you still going strong?

mom24 said...

Miss Sniz,
Yes it would be a good time to start. Today is ALWAYS better than tomorrow! But I will say that when I did this the first time (I had a baby in between then and now which is why I need to do it again), I joined an accountability group (PRISM Weightloss program). PRISM also had daily spiritual lessons, journaling, and calorie counting which helped to break mental habits (not doing this this time due to time restraints and the chaos of 4 kids). Personally, I have a real sin issue with food and can only succeed with much prayer and with accountability (this time it's my dh).
So yes - we are still going strong but only because dh is with me and I know that God wants me to be a good steward of my body. We are not currently fitting any excercise in (the weight just drops off w/o the sugar/white flour) but hope to do so soon in order to get the last 15 lbs off.
My suggestion is that you think about your specific weaknesses and pray about how God wants you to improve your diet (ie. start really strict, change only a few things, use a program, etc.). Start with a specific plan of attack and with prayer and you will succeed in improving your health (which should be the goal, rather than a number on the scale)!
Hope this helps!

Jennefer said...

Wow! Way to go. That's truly impressive. I've been trying to lose the weight that crept on this summer when I stopped running and enjoyed dark chocolate M&M's each night as I studied and researched. And I still haven't lost that "jiggle" from Beckett's birth 21 months ago. Sigh. Getting there slowly though. I need to step it up a notch. Thanks for the inspiration!