Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Fresh Makeover!

I'm totally excited!  Can you just guess about what??  Come've gotta notice the lovely change in scenery around here?  (gringrin!)

You guessed it!  I finally made it onto Darcy's queue at Graphically Designing and made a change for the better here (now that I know I'll be stickin' around cyberspace for awhile....after all, I DO really like it here - ya'll are great)! 

But I was getting soooo tired of my old diggs, ya know?  The one with the BRIGHT orange and blue flat, boxed design?

I mean thanks and all to my hubbs for at least giving me a different title than the one that came from Blogger, but I knew I needed some real designing talent in order to redecorate around here....someone who's designs are always beautiful, functional, and balanced.

Enter Darcy!  You may already know her from her musings on life with 3 young boybarians but did you know that she is an artist as well?  Check out her humor, great cyberbloggy advice, and beautiful photography (not to mention the cuteness of her 3 favorite young subjects) at My 3 Boybarians as well as her other wonderful design work in cyber space over at:

Graphically Designing

And I'm sure that you'll understand why I was so glad to have her give Heritage Academy a lovely new look!

Here are her thoughts on her design:
"Your 4 children are the "cornerstones" of your homeschool. With you and hubby being the center. So I cornerstoned a notch - representing each child who shapes your homeschool. This was the inspiration for the design shape in your header and button. You at the heart - your children each shaping your academy."

So sweet!  Hey.... let me know what you think! 

Cuz I'm just totally excited!


Momma Roar said...

It's absolutely lovely - just like you!!! It's a perfect fit!

Teacher/Mom said...

I love it! Looks awesome! Someday I hope I can do something like that.

sbharnish said...

very nice! How did ya get the fun signature at the end of your post?

argsmommy said...

How exciting! It looks beautiful and I love the hidden meaning behind the design.

Monica said...

You're blog looks wonderful! I love how well thought out it is. Nice job.

Trish said...

It looks beautiful!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOVE the look! Clean. Fresh! Isn't it fun to have a new look?