Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Introducing.... a new bloggy friend!

I'm excited to welcome to the bloggy world a good friend and neighbor of mine!

We met online through No Greater Joy ministries and found out that we have many similar interests in addition to child-training. She and her dh have 5 wonderful kids (3 of them delivered at home) and she does an amazing job in her role as helpmeet and mother! I look to her as she plans and cooks whole, nutritious meals (full of raw milk, coconut oil, fermented foods, whole grains, homegrown veggies and other Nourishing Traditions types food). She is also a wonderful encourager to me as she works one year ahead of me in homeschooling 3 of her oldest children. She does not let fear keep her from letting her children learn and grow - she let's her boys try to be men and her girl to keep up with the boys while still being a lady. I love how laid back she is and how her love for her family literally shines from within her! I can tell that this is because she loves the Lord first and teaches her children by example.

She is a woman of good repute and godly character and I have been glad to get to know her over these few years. I know that our meeting was not by chance but a part of God's work! I hope that those who know me will join me in welcoming her to our fun and encouraging bloggin' network (only, that is, if you can get past the HUGE yellow dog at the front door! ;-0)!


Joyful Mama said...

Ahhhhh, Thank you, my dear friend, for all of those very kind words!
Praising God for your friendship!!!!