Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ode to DH

Okay, so it's not really an 'ode' as I stink at poetry (I'll have to learn it with the kids). But I just really need sing the praises of my dear computer geek hubby!

Now, I've always loved my dh but recently our lives have become just one child more chaotic with the birth of Lincoln (our 4th) last October. Along with homeschooling Jefferson (6), adjusting to Lincoln, and getting Reagan (5) evaluated for her behavioral problems, we have totally revamped our family diet due to food allergies, we live at the doctor's office with Adam's (2) weak immune system, and we are trying to not to lose all contact with humanity in the process!

So when I am beyond tired, stressed out, or just plain overwhelmed (which is more often than not these days), my DH steps in silently and does the dishes for me or works on some laundry or cleans up the kitchen. This, after bathing and putting the 3 older kids to bed. Sometimes he gets their dinner and almost every night he stays up to feed the baby a bottle at 11:30 so that I can get more sleep. He comes in the door from work and immediately occupies the kids so that I can think straight enough to finish dinner or takes them for a walk so that I can hear myself think. He volunteers to take a couple of them with him every time he runs an errand and often makes runs to the grocery for me in the evening when I am too tired or have forgotten something. And girls, can I tell you the amount of diapers by man changes? Voluntarily - just to show me he loves me.

There is no man like my geeky man! He is extremely intelligent and does great work for his boss (who is also his older brother). His standard of excellence in his work is seen by all who work with him. I think that he might be able to do anything on a computer! I am so very proud of him!

He is the world's best daddy! The joy in the faces of the kids when he comes home for lunch and dinner is just priceless to see. There is nothing more valuable to them than time with (or on top of, as is often the case when he is their jungle gym) Daddy. Adam asks for him in sign language over and over, all day while Jefferson has to know where he is and when he is coming home. Reagan loves to make up silly pretend stories with him. And one of my favorite things to see (in the whole world!) is my strong, handsome hubby cuddling our dear little baby boy and cooing at him!
What a blessing I have been given in this man! He loves the Lord and obeys Him by loving me. I try never to forget to be thankful daily for all that he means to me and for how much he loves me and our 4 babies and hope that Jesus can make me into the helpmeet that dh deserves! He is so precious to me...and I just needed to share it with the bloggy world! Thanks for listening!
(Oh - and I forgot to mention the dimples when I posted! I mean, have you ever seen such huge, adorable dimples! You just can't help but smile when you see them!)


Monica said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. This is what God intended marriage to be- a picture of Christ and the church. Thanks for sharing.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

that was just beautiful! It's always so nice to read about someone praising their spouse! Have you seen the "My Husband Rocks" Tshirts? I think their fun.

Thanks for sharing about your awesome hubby! Great read for the morning!

MommyK said...

Lovely. Sounds like you've got a great man there!

Super B's Mom said...

It is so refreshing to hear/read a woman singing the praises of her husband! Your husband sounds like an incredible man!

I was going to mention the "My Husband Rocks" tee - but I see that Beck already has! You can find them by Googling "From Me Tees". I wear mine with pride!

Btw...I found you by way of Becky at Boys Rule My Life. You have a beautiful family! God bless you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

You gotta love a good man! What a guy.